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We have realised that a lot of tourists travel to Spain on holiday every year, but very few of them are familiar with the real Spain outside of the tacky resorts. Worst of all, however, we felt that none of our nonnative friends were aware of the rich variety of olive oils and the health benefits of each.

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When we decided to found Oliveo we were not interested in starting just another tourist company. Instead, we wanted to introduce visitors to one of the most cherished, delicious and healthy products that Spain is famous for, a product we know inside out. This is how Oliveo was born – from the desire of  local experts to introduce tourists to the world of olive oil, Andalusian wines, Spanish cuisine and the most authentic restaurants, bars and attractions of southern Spain.

Learn everything about the Olive oil and visit the hide spain

There are 260 varieties of olives – the way they are cultivated and harvested creates a wide range of olive oils. Just as it takes training to recognise and appreciate good wines, it takes some learning to discern good olive oils from bad ones.

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