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There’s so much going on in Andalusia, even us locals struggle to keep up to date with it all. On our blog you will find travel inspiration with tips and ideas from our local experts. Learn curious tidbits about olive oil, wine and Spanish food, or check out some stunning photos from around colourful Andalusia.

Where is the best olive oil tourism in the world?

Olive oil has been prized for centuries for its gastronomic and nutritional properties. It is consumed worldwide, but its production is limited to specific regions where the climatic and environmental conditions are ideal for olive cultivation.

Olive grove in Andalusia, south Spain, with mountains behind. Olive oil tourism | Oliveo Escapes

What is olive oil tourism?

ou’re probably familiar with the liquid gold known as olive oil, renowned for its culinary value. However, there’s an entire universe surrounding it that you may not be aware of yet—a world waiting to be explored and experienced firsthand.

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